Smile :)

One way in which I try to have a positive impact on the world is by smiling. Which I know seems like a very cliche but there is a lot of thought behind it. We never know what a person is going through and a genuine smile truly brightens someone’s day. Do we realize that all of us are coming from very different lives with different experiences and thoughts and emotions and desires? The person you saw last week, you may never see them again. You don’t know if they just broke up with their significant other or lost a parent or maybe even had a near to death experience. Well, life is not usually that dramatic, and these things seemingly don’t happen that often but the point still stands. Genuinely smiling at someone makes them feel so seen and heard. You are validating their existence and their presence. As a stranger who you would probably never meet again and also have no advantage out of doing this, a genuine smile is the best gift you can give. And that one smile may be it. It may be what gave them the encouragement to choose life or to give it one more chance or they realized there is still some good left in the world. And you never know who they are or what they are capable of. They may be the ones creating the next “big thing” or maybe as simple as helping another person with the directions. Either way, you are still affecting the world for the better. It is a chain reaction and you never know what the output could be. I mean, if a mere butterfly flapping its wings can cause something as powerful as a hurricane, I don’t see what’s not possible

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